Accelerate Baseline Adoption with Automation Counselor

Our automation counselors can accelerate your automation adoption.

Our counselors have helped speed up automation adoptions for years.
Reduce risk with automation, get fast answers to questions, build robust, stable, and supported automations. Automation Counselors are here to help you plan, document and troubleshoot your automations across your systems.

Eliminate automation barriers

Reduce automation risk

Automation is incredibly powerful, but if it’s not implemented correctly, it can expose your organization to immense risk. MindPoint Group's automation counselors provides the best practices guidance and implementation assistance to ensure you’re creating, committing, testing, and deploying effective, secure automation.

Eliminate the skills gap

Experienced automation experts are hard to find. Your business’s digital and cybersecurity transformation goals won’t wait. Automation Counselor helps plug the widening skills gap and helps get your teams up to speed. Our team has experience working with multiple automation platforms including Ansible, Terraform, Sophos Factory, Jenkins, Zapier, GitHub Workflows, GitLab CI/CD, Packer, Vagrant, and adding more all the time.

Planning and strategy assistance

Every subscription includes ongoing scheduled planning and strategy sessions throughout your subscription. Get definitive answers to pressing questions like “where should we start?” or “can we even automate that?” and even “what’s the best way to implement this?”

Integrate everything

As an example of our capabilities, we have extensive expertise in Ansible. One of the most valuable capabilities of Ansible is its ability to integrate with nearly every other enterprise technology you use to build and manage your infrastructure, applications, and processes. Your Automation Counselor will help you effectively integrate Ansible Playbooks and Roles with other tools you use, such as Ansible Controller/Tower, Terraform, ServiceNow, Kubernetes, Openshift, Cloudbees CI/Jenkins, and Sophos Factory, just to name a few.

Support your team with our Automation Experts

Are you hitting your wall with your automation? Need help planning your automations? Just want to ask a question to the experts of Ansible Lockdown? Here's your chance!

Discover Automation Counselor

What's included with Automation Counselor?

On-demand access to automation experts

Our support and engineering teams are ready to consult and advise on all of your automation questions and needs, be them with Ansible or other automation program. Our experts will be with you every step of the way, including on pre-planned monthly and quarterly team planning and business strategy meetings.

Custom automations built and supported for your environment

We’ve probably seen that problem before, so we’re happy to share our knowledge. We will help by writing custom Playbooks to solve your point automation needs, and we’ll support anything we provide for the duration of your subscription. We’ll even provide feedback on your Playbooks and Roles.

Access and Support for all Ansible Lockdown STIG and CIS baselines

With a subscription to Automation Counselor, your team will have all the priority support of the Lockdown Enterprise support for all of the STIG and/or CIS baselines you may need across your organization. Your team will have the experts that continue to build Lockdown Enterprise available for all your automation questions.

End-to-end implementation support

Planning and Strategy go along why towards automation adoption, and we have been automating for years. We can help you implement secure automation development and plan for integrated testing and adoption. We'll help you get where you want to be... better and faster.

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Elevate all of your automation practices with the Automation Counselors from MindPoint Group.
Multiple applications, multiple platforms, one trusted group of experts.

Automation Counselor Support

Automation Strategy Support for all your automation projects
Automation Best Practice Guidance & Advisory Across multiple automation platforms
Ansible Play Book Guidance & Advisory
Regular Support Checkins
Includes All Lockdown Enterprise Plus Support Features:
Ansible Lockdown - Prioritized Support for ALL platforms
Ansible Lockdown - Remediation Content
Ansible Lockdown - Audit Content
Ansible Lockdown - Content Support
Ansible Lockdown - Unlimited target nodes
Ansible Lockdown - Priority access to updates
Ansible Lockdown - Signed packages
Ansible Lockdown - Access to Developers
Ansible Lockdown - You Help Guide our Roadmap and Baselines to be created
12 Months of Automation Advisement and Strategy
3 Months of Automation Advisement and Strategy