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Lockdown Support helps take the struggle out of automating your security baselines

Lockdown Enterprise is an enterprise support subscription for Ansible Lockdown brought to you by the cybersecurity experts and automation team at MindPoint Group.

Why go anywhere else for help with Ansible Lockdown, when the same team who write and maintain the code base for Lockdown also provides prioritized support and pre-release builds to this highly popular open-source compliance-as-code benchmark remediation and audit product, utilizing Ansible and Goss.

Why DevSecOps love Ansible Lockdown

Ansible Lockdown is used to achieve recognized security benchmark compliance for CIS (Center for Internet Security) or STIG (Secure Technical Implementation Guides). Recognized and recommended by Mitre, it is a must-have to meet PCI, HIPAA, NIST, CMMC, FedRAMP and other regulatory compliance requirements.

Did we mention early access to pre-release builds? Don't wait for the latest and greatest to be packaged up for the Open-Source Community. Subscribers get early access to new features and updates to keep your security team up to date and on the bleeding edge of CIS and STIG remediations across most of today's most used platforms.

Lockdown Enterprise Key Stats

Why consider a Lockdown Enterprise subscription?

Automating your custom system security requirements can be difficult and time-consuming. Don't waste time and effort, and maybe miss something you didn't even know was there with support from the experts and pre-release access.

  • Reduce your exposure
  • Increase compliance
  • Save time

We all know you can’t just apply every baseline control without unintended consequences.

  • Our expert engineers understand the intent of each baseline control, and can help you produce automations that can test, remediate, and validate each requirement to match your specific system configurations.
  • Automation at scale is hard and can be very complex. Having a knowledgeable team that intimately understands the software will save your team time.
  • Requirements continually evolving and take a lot of time to understand. Save time managing and maintaining regularly updated requirements with insights from our team.

Your teams are smart and highly capable, we are experts in our field and have seen a lot of things before, use us to further increase your team's knowledge and approach.

Baseline Automation is challenging, that's because automation at scale is hard and can become extremely complex (trust us, we know!). Make your team even more effective and subscribe with the Lockdown Team.

Get Access to Support & Pre-Release Builds

Multiple operating systems, and multiple applications, always being updated and expanded.

Lockdown Enterprise Support

Ansible Lockdown prioritized support for ALL active baselines
Priority access to updates and pre-public release builds
Ansible Lockdown - remediation content
Unlimited target nodes
Signed commits
Ticketing System - Email based access to Lockdown developers
Monthly check-ins for progress
1 year of Ansible Lockdown support and pre-public release access for all platforms.

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Automation Counselor Support

Lockdown Enterprise Support
Automation strategy support for all your automation projects
Ansible best practice advisory
Automation playbook guidance & advisory
Regular support check-ins
Ability to add help prioritize the pipeline
Talk to the experts
Support and advise for both CLI and AAP
1 Year of Automation Advisement, including support for Ansible Lockdown and all your automation platforms.
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Coverage for STIG and CIS Requirements. Easy, fast, and secure.


RHEL 8 / Rocky 8 / Alma 8
RHEL 7 / Rocky 7 / Alma 7
Ubuntu 22
Ubuntu 20
Ubuntu 18
Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows Server 2022
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Firewall and Advanced Security
Amazon Linux 2


AWS Foundations


Kubernetes 1.6.1


Apache HTTP
Apache Tomcat 9
PostgreSQL 12
PostgreSQL 9


CISCO IOS L2S Switches

Custom Requirements

We can automate and support nearly any custom requirement.

Supercharge Your Compliance.

With support provided the MindPoint Group team, you also gain access to engage cybersecurity experts and services to help support you on your journey to achieving security compliance for your organization.

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Ready to go and get support now?

It is possible to setup with a credit card and purchase now, through the MindPoint Group Store, to get you started.  

Does your company need something more formal, like a vendor contract? We got you! Fill out our support request, or drop our sales team an email at cybersecurity@mindpointgroup.com and we will be in touch to get you setup as quickly as possible to start you on the support journey.

Yes, there's a demo.  Check out the RHEL 9 CIS Role being applied using Red Hat Ansible.