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Broadly integrate compliance as code across your entire organization with fair, predictable pricing.

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Multiple operating systems, and multiple applications, always being updated and expanded.

Lockdown Enterprise Support

Ansible Lockdown prioritized support for ALL active baselines
Priority access to updates and pre-public release builds
Ansible Lockdown - remediation content
Unlimited target nodes
Signed commits
Ticketing System - Email based access to Lockdown developers
Monthly check-ins for progress
1 year of Ansible Lockdown support and pre-public release access for all platforms.

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Automation Counselor Support

Lockdown Enterprise Support
Automation strategy support for all your automation projects
Ansible best practice advisory
Automation playbook guidance & advisory
Regular support check-ins
Ability to add help prioritize the pipeline
Talk to the experts
Support and advise for both CLI and AAP
1 Year of Automation Advisement, including support for Ansible Lockdown and all your automation platforms.
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Coverage for STIG and CIS Requirements. Easy, fast, and secure.


RHEL 8 / Rocky 8 / Alma 8
RHEL 7 / Rocky 7 / Alma 7
Ubuntu 22
Ubuntu 20
Ubuntu 18
Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows Server 2022
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Firewall and Advanced Security
Amazon Linux 2


AWS Foundations


Kubernetes 1.6.1


Apache HTTP
Apache Tomcat 9
PostgreSQL 12
PostgreSQL 9


CISCO IOS L2S Switches

Custom Requirements

We can automate and support nearly any custom requirement.

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I need help with compliance in my organization. Can you help?

Absolutely. Lockdown Enterprise is brought to you by the MindPoint Group, a leading cybersecurity consulting firm that has a long track record of successful assessments and implementations. Contact us for more information.

I'm a US Government customer. How can I buy?

The easiest route is to use one of our GWACs. You can order Lockdown Enterprise directly from NASA SEWP. Contact our partners DLT or Fierce Software for more information.

How does Lockdown handle false positives?

False positives are a reality in security scanning. While we do our absolute best to account for different ways a scanner may check for compliance, invariably, there will be scenarios when your scanning tools mark something as vulnerable when it has indeed been remediated. If you have support, we'll be happy to issue a correction to the Role source to remediate the finding in a way that will placate your scanner.

How does Automation Counselor compare to Lockdown Enterprise?

Automation Counselor is all about helping you implement and adopt automation across your organization. As part of a Counselor subscription, we also provide FULL support for all things Lockdown, including implementation assistance and prioritized bug fixes. And remember, false positives from your security team are always supported when you have a subscription.

What's the difference between the open source and supported versions?

By design, they're admittedly very close when it comes to capabilitiy. However, we put the supported version through additional testing, and then cryptographically sign the resulting content to prove source.

Do I have to pay for Ansible Tower to use Lockdown Enterprise?

Nope! Lockdown Enterprise content works from the CLI, or other mechanisms like AWX, RunDeck, etc.

Do I have to be an Ansible user to use Lockdown Enterprise?

No! In fact, a number of our customers currently use Puppet for day-to-day configuration management, but overlay Ansible and Lockdown Enterprise for compliance remediation and baseline automation. However, understanding the basics of Ansible will make using Ansible Lockdown easier.

What is Ansible Lockdown written in?

Ansible Lockdown is comprised of Ansible Role and Playbook files. They're all human-readable, and plain text.

How many copies can I make internal to my business?

Literally as many as you want. We don't want to limit your ability to secure your systems, but for supported instances, we limit you to one control node.

How is Ansible Lockdown delivered?

When you request a download, we give you access to our git repository. From there you can clone the repo locally, or download a tarball for easy distribution internally.

What is a "Platform"?

A Ansible Lockdown Platform is just an operating system and baseline combination. i.e. RHEL 9 CIS. Windows Server 2016 STIG.

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