Meet the Team

Would it be a bold statement to say that no other company is as passionate about security automation as we are? Maybe — but we’re a bold group of people. 

Built and supported by automation experts.
We proudly boast our team’s expertise in Ansible.

Carnell Smith

Sr. Automation Engineer

Carnell has been working in various aspects of IT thought-out most of his career, ranging from Local, Federal, and even Tribal government agencies while focusing on system administration. Before joining MindPoint Group, Carnell supported multiple federal projects where he used significant amounts of Ansible to automate customer environments.

Mark Bolwell

Princpal Automation Engineer

Mark is a career systems admin with a passion for automation. A long time user of Ansible, he was responsible for its adoption, implementation, and infrastructure design at a global MSP. In working with both internal and external customers, he exceled at assisting and training others in Ansible use.

George Nalen

Senior Automation Architect

George has been working in high-pressure engineering and support organizations for his entire career. He is a multidisciplined customer-focused talent focused on delivering exceptional customer value and a witty riposte. He is instrumental in designing and developing many of the Lockdown Enterprise automations.

Stephen Williams Jr

Ansible Network Automation Engineer

After 15 years in retail management, Steve put his passion to work and became an expert in Cisco technologies. Now working at the intersection of Cisco products and Ansible automation, Steve creates a new standard of automated cybersecurity protocols for Cisco customers.

Frederick Witty Jr.

Ansible Automation Engineer

Frederick is a lifelong learning I.T. professional who is an experienced Systems Engineer and Scrum Master. He has accessed, protected, audited, and complied with Information System Security based on DISA standards on various Federal Government Agencies. He has supported SDLC/Scrum, On-premises/Cloud Network Infrastructure, Application monitoring, and Identity Management. Always willing to assist with making processes more efficient.

And a community that got it started.
Without their contributions, Lockdown Enterprise wouldn't exist.

Bas Meijer

Software Engineer and DevOps Coach

Bas Meijer is a Software Engineer and DevOps Coach. For many years he has worked for a global trading firm, later he started contracting for large organizations, while being active in the open source community. Bas is both an Ansible Ambassador and a Hashicorp Ambassador. He lives in the Netherlands.

James Cassell

DevOps Engineer, CISSP

James (AKA cyberpear) is a prolific community member and is responsible for stewarding, reviewing, and approving numerous updates and commits to the Lockdown Roles.

Justin Nemmers

As former GM of Ansible, Justin was instrumental in growing the Ansible business tenfold after Red Hat’s acquisition. Through his product leadership, he drove Ansible adoption at scale within global commercial and public sector organizations.

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