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We host our content in GitLab, and make it available as a git repository, as well as a tarball downloadable.
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Have questions about getting started? Read below, or contact us.

Want to learn more about Ansible?

The Ansible Documentation is a great place to start. The Ansible team also provides an excellent series of technical workshops to help your teams get started with Ansible.

How is Lockdown Enterprise delivered?

When you subscribe, we give you access to a private git repository. From there you can clone the repo locally, or download a tarball for easy distribution internally.

How many copies can I make internal to my business?

Literally as many as you want. We don't want to limit your ability to secure your systems.

What is Lockdown Enterprise written in?

Lockdown Enterprise is comprised of Ansible Role and Playbook files. They're all human-readable, and plaintext.

Do I have to be an Ansible user to use Lockdown Enterprise?

No! In fact, a number of our customers currently use Puppet for day-to-day configuration management, but overlay Ansible and Lockdown Enterprise for compliance remediation and baseline automation. However, understanding the basics of Ansible will make using Lockdown Enterprise easier.

Do I have to pay for Ansible Tower to use Lockdown Enterprise?

Nope! Lockdown Enterprise content works from the CLI, or other mechanisms like AWX, RunDeck, etc.

I'm a US Government customer. How can I buy?

The easiest route is to use one of our GWACs. You can order Lockdown Enterprise directly from NASA SEWP. Contact our partners DLT or Fierce Software for more information.

I need help with compliance in my organization. Can you help?

Absolutely. Lockdown Enterprise is brought to you by the MindPoint Group, a leading cybersecurity consulting firm that has a long track record of successful assessments and implementations. Contact us for more information.